Electric wheelchairs closely resembles to manual wheelchairs in their design. Electric wheelchairs are powered electrically by buttons and maneuvered by a joystick. They also have excessive padding on their seats, backrest, and headrest as for some people; it is the sole purpose of transportation. Electric wheelchairs differ on many grounds, today we’ll discuss the best electric wheelchairs depending on different factors.

Based on Performance:

The Golden Compass Sport is the best electric wheelchair out there if you are looking for performance.It has a tight turning radius, high ground clearance, fast speed, great overall comfort, and excellent range. It reaches a max speed of 4.5mph, and its range is 19.5 miles, i.e., 31.4 kilometers.It can drive over a ramp of 6-degree inclination, and with large wheels, you have a smooth ride while managing uneven surfaces and bumps.
Being the best electric wheelchair, The Golden Compass sport electric wheelchair also costs the most. It is the most expensive electric wheelchair nearly about $3,400. Check Price

Best Value:

At $1500 we have the Cirrus plus which is the best valued electric wheelchair out there on the market.
It reaches a max speed of 5 miles and can travel a distance of 15 miles on a single charge.
It is a foldable electric wheelchair making it ideal for easy transport and portability.Maneuverability for Cirrus plus is a bit difficult indoors as it has a turning radius of 33 inches, but outdoors where there is a lot of space, The cirrus plus is easy to turn.It is lightweight and a bit small, so that makes it easier to ride and has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. Check Price

Easier to transport:

The KD Smart Chair is the best electric wheelchair based on portability, it weighs only 50 pounds and has a standard weight capacity of 265 pounds only which is less compared to other wheelchairs having a weight capacity of 300 pounds.It has an impressive folding design making it lightweight and easier to carry from place to place. It is best for children with walking impairment.It is very compact, but its power should not be underestimated. It reaches 5mph and can travel a distance of 19 to 20 miles per charge.It can climb hills as steep as 12-degree angle; However, one fault is that it has a turning radius of 31.5 inches. Check Price
Longest Battery Time: 

The Heartway Escape is made up of a lightweight aluminum frame and large wheels.
It comes in an affordable range as compared to other electric wheelchairs.Its top speed is 3.8mph, which is very low but its battery lasts 20 miles per charge. It comes with comfortable armrests but minimal seat padding.It also has seatbelts and leg straps to make it easier to climb 10-degree inclination, which has the capability to climb.It doesn’t have a headrest or proper neck support, and a large turning radius of 34 inches makes it quite difficult to maneuver it indoors. Check Price

Hoping this guide will you to help choose the best electric wheelchairfor you.

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